About Us

A Rockfarm Family Company

Reinhardt & Hursey Transportation has held a long commitment to the St. Louis community with the delivery of truck brokerage and transportation services. Founded in 2000, the team of Brad Reinhardt and Al Hursey have been a part of the supply chain community of St. Louis decades. Reinhardt & Hursey Transportation’s commitment to service has resulted in fortune 500 customers and growth in their St. Louis operation.

That growth continued when Reinhardt & Hursey Transportation, LLC., joined Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions as a member of the Rockfarm Supply Chain Family of Companies in January of 2020. Becoming part of the Rockfarm family of companies gave Reinhardt & Hursey Transportation a platform to enhance our services with existing customers and grow our business with new customers. As Rockfarm St. Louis, we are looking forward to expanding our transportation services and innovating the supply chain industry.

The History of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions

Coupling a deep understanding of the dynamics of marrying a shipment to qualified providers with the complexity of moving freight throughout the NAFTA trade lanes, Rockfarm has its origins in the trucking industry.

Identifying the lack of visibility inherent to collaboration and partnership with the 3rd Party Logistics arena, Rockfarm brought its open costing approach and culture of accountability to the logistics service industry in 2008 with the formation of Rockfarm Logistics.