Al’s Corner – August 2021

   Crazy Year Continues, Happy Hour on August 18

August 2021 is here, time again for my highly informative and wildly interesting note. The big event for the Transportation Club this month is a Happy Hour on August 18 at Gettemeirer’s. Don’t miss it!!

Crazy Year, Covid is NOT gone like thought it was going to be. Thus, masks appear to be on the way back in public places to start. St. Louis, and Missouri has seen their numbers rise due to the Delta variance. It appears it is because so many people refuse to get the vaccine. Personally, I am stunned by the large numbers of people who refuse to get the vaccine, which I believe, and the numbers have proved it, is very safe and effective.  In a nutshell it appears that the vaccine has worked as promised, by reducing the severe effects of people who get the virus.

On the safeness of the vaccine, I suggest rather than just say “that not enough research was done on it,” or “it was developed to fast,” my suggestion is “read everything you can and do as much research on it as much as possible!” I am confident that when you do, you will get the shot. I also get the part where people say “I can do what I want with my body” or “I don’t need the vaccine because I can beat it without the vaccine” reminds me of something.  My business partner does a “Employment and Networking Bulletin” every week. So, someone will ask him to put their resume’ out on his bulletin. He puts the resume out there and that person gets a job. Then the now employed person tells him to take them off the bulletin distribution list. The problem with this is the bulletin is about people networking, helping each other out, so you need to stay on the bulletin and hopefully help someone else get a job. So, when you say I can beat the virus without the shot, what happens if you get the virus, then pass it on to someone who can not beat the virus? Amazing!

Industry Update—Uber buys Transplace for a 2 billion. Several people have ask why they would do this?  It is simple, Uber like so many new aged large companies, has huge investment money behind them, so much of their growth comes from purchases with stockholder investment. Once they get massive, they reach “critical mass” and hopefully start making money because of their size and buying power. Some call it the Amazon model. They will normally reduce head count too to make money. Over the years the old school way (before Private Equity became so big) of growth for transportation companies, particularly brokers and such, would be to “buy their way in” by pricing loads cheaply, or even losing money. This theoretically would and could freeze out the smaller competition. This still happens, but it appears it is easier to just buy out your competition.

So that is it, have a great month. 

Al Hursey

President Rockfarm STL


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