Al’s Corner – July 2021

     Its Horse Hooky Time—July 13 at FanDuel

     “Something Great at Wimbledon this year.” 

Al’s Corner for July 2021 starts now.  First up, Horse Hooky is back from a 1-year hiatus due to Covid.  The first live race begins at 1 PM, so I will get there around noon to start picking my winners!!!  Admission is now free since it became FanDuel, the former Fairmount Park. We are going to be at another location there called “The First Turn Bar” so when you enter the park turn right and we will be at the end of the building.  Please contact Brad Reinhardt for further info. 

Freight Rate and Capacity Update—it does not seem that much has changed on either front.  The economy seems to be booming and carrier supply is still tight.  Most experts feel this trend will continue for a while, perhaps another year or two.  To me, the driving forces in making this high freight rate market is somewhat due to an ever changing and evolving supply chain dynamic, like increased home delivery.  Port congestion, and drivers leaving the market also are a factor.   I do think that shippers and logistics companies will be more creative this year with the goal of seeing more cost reductions and better carrier supply.  They must get ahead of the issue this year.

This month’s timely topic is something I noticed at Wimbledon a few days ago.  A woman named Sarah Gilbert received a standing ovation from the crowd there.  Who is she?  Well, she was the co-designer of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid.  I thought how incredible to see someone like that in person.  Gilbert, along with Katalin Kariko, who developed the Pfizer, Moderna vaccines should be honored forever for their work.  For me, many creators of incredible products are long gone.  So, to see someone in person, unreal, memorable.  As you may have picked up over the past year, I have been obsessed with the Covid problem.  I hated everything about it.  With that in mind, therefore I loved seeing a real-life legend, hero, honored, who has and will save millions of lives, millions!! It should be noted that they are both women, awesome.  These new, but long worked on processes that they helped develop, will hopefully in the future stop many other diseases. Mostly, in modern society we celebrate athletes and entertainers.  But who ever heard of Charles Babbage, the invertor, or dreamer (never was developed) that tried to develop the first mechanical computer?  Or the Internet by Leonard Kleinrock, in 1961.  We did see and know about Steve Wozniak, who designed the first Apple Computer.  And Bill Gates of Microsoft is still with us.  I guess the question or thought I have is—will Gilbert and Kariko be looked at as the next Edison’s or something?  Time will tell. 

So, as we all get back to our new normal lives, I am grateful to be able to do it.  Thanks, ladies!!! That is a wrap for another Al’s Corner, have a great month. AL

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