Al’s Corner – November 2022

   Happy Thanksgiving, Old Timers Luncheon

Time once again for Al’s Corner for November 2022.

On November 9th we have the 39th Annual Old Timers Luncheon at Pietro’s on Watson. From 11-2pm for $25 lunch and cash bar. Funny, how over the years this meant older people to me, but it is for anyone that has been in the industry for over 20 years. So, you do not have to be old to join in on the fun!

Quick Industry Thoughts—still not sure what the supply of over the road trucking will be like through the winter. Many shippers are hoping that the ridiculous rates for the past few years will reverse. It has some to the tune of around 18%. But the high costs for everything with inflation, especially diesel at $5 per gallon, makes me skeptical. Smaller carriers are already parking their trucks, and with the high interest rates adding to lending costs, makes it to me uncertain. Plus, a strong threat of a rail strike that would really muddy the transportation landscape. Stay tuned.

Over the years I have not always mentioned Thanksgiving, or even given thanks like I should. I am very thankful that I am a U.S. citizen and so blessed no matter what others say to live in the greatest country EVER! The last week my water heater went out so Kathy and I did not have hot water easily available for 6 days. Now imagine living in Ukraine, they go without electricity, water, heated water, low food surpluses and dodge missiles. Let us all be thankful even if our life is not perfect, we have it surprisingly good. And if we do not like the way our governments are doing, we can vote to change things one way or another.

Thanks, have a great month, AL