Employee Spotlight: Alana Reinhardt

Get to know Alana Reinhardt, Marketing Coordinator at Rockfarm St. Louis, as she shares her journey as a communications professional in the logistics industry.

As of Decemeber 2019, Alana is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Eastern Illinois University. She majored in Public Relations with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. That led her back to Rockfarm St. Louis once as the company began to seek out a communications professional to assist with their branding and online presence.

Alana has been a frequent flyer of the logistics industry as she has worked as a freight broker for her father, Brad Reinhardt’s, logistics companies in between semesters of college since age 18. Every year since 2016, Alana has been learning new facets of the ever-changing supply chain industry including how to market in the industry amidst a global pandemic.

Alana in 2016 with past Director of Security, Dakota Becherer

Alana has a love for stories and consuming every type of media possible from podcasts like Armchair Expert, poetry novels like The Smell of Good Mud by Lauren Zuinga or albums like AJR’s Neotheater.

“In my personal life, I am an avid animal lover who advocates and volunteers for animal rescues in the St. Louis area and beyond,” Alana said. “Since we adopted him early in quarantine, I am most often found with my pup, Ernie (Rockfarm St. Louis’ new Director of Security), by my side.”

Alana and Ernie

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