Employee Spotlight: Kristen Vosler

I started in customer service at an age of 15 years old and have been going strong ever since. I thrive in fast paced atmospheres where I get to problem solve and multitask. 

I entered into sales in my 20’s and fell in love fast with it. I got my insurance license when I was 26. After doing that for a few years, I was ready for a faster paced industry. 

I was recruited by a company in 2016 for sales in the logistics industry. I knew nothing about it. But after only being there a few months. I broke the company record for bringing in the most customers in one month. 

After realizing, I had found the industry for me. I needed to find the right company. After four years of bouncing around and trying to find a fit. Luckily there is a lot of networking in sales. I am grateful for that. That allowed me to meet a gentleman by the name of Brad. A mutual friend of ours had mentioned to the both of us my situation and thought I would be a great fit to his team! 

Being that I am now 34 years old, in the midst of COVID, had a brand-new baby at home, and unhappy with my current position, I needed something out of the ordinary “frat house” male dominated office scenario. 

I am blessed to have found Brad and his awesome team at Rockfarm!  In my spare time aside from work and being home with a new baby. I love gardening, spending time with my 3 fur babies, traveling the world with my husband, drinking beer and BBQ’ing with friends and family at our farm. 

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