Supply Chain Digest July 2020

As the summer heats up, so does the supply chain and logistics industry! Check out these industry updates brought to you by Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions here.

COACHES CORNER: Truckload Volatility During the Pandemic…one more look into the data

Following up on our earlier segment on data, we recently had an opportunity to participate in a truckload RFP, and as a result, attempted to not only make sense of the current market, but more importantly, predict the future market. As we look at the volatility in the market with states mitigating the impact of the pandemic, we see a great deal of uncertainty. The uncertainty isn’t so much on finding capacity, but the rate you pay to secure the capacity. Due to our RFP services extending not just internally to our truckload brokerage and agency operations, but also externally as one of our many coaching services for shippers and logistic service providers alike, we gain a broad view of the market and potential trends.

To learn more about current trends in the world of logistics, download the full July 2020 edition of the Supply Chain Digest below.

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