Supply Chain Digest June 2020

As June comes to an end, catch up on news from the supply chain and logistics industry brought to you by Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions. Check out a sneak peek from the digest here.


We know two truths at this time. Available capacity in the market is tightening rapidly. Additionally, truckload RFP’s conducted in May for June launch are having challenges in meeting business requirements as it relates to tender acceptance. The question before most logistics teams is whether this is a short term end of quarter trend or one that will push out into the 3rd quarter. If we look at our current course, we are following the trends of previous years with capacity tightening toward the end of the 2nd quarter. The variable: COVID-19 and its potential impact to the usual July downturn in manufacturing. With demand and constraints on the workforce, we may not see the typical 3rd quarter. Preparation is critical.

To learn more about current trends in the world of logistics, download the full June 2020 edition of the Supply Chain Digest below.

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